European Summer '99

Welcome! Hope you had a great summer too.

This summer, I went to Italy to participate in an international study program called Consortium International MBA (CIMBA) as part of my MBA degree. After spending 5 weeks living, traveling, and studying in Europe, I can honestly recommend that if you ever come across an opportunity to study in Europe, grab it with both hands and fight off any and all competitors. It's definitely worth doing.

CIMBA makes its home in Asolo, a small town near Venice, Italy. It's a consortium of 25 or so schools from the US, which send some students to study international business every summer. We live and study with students from across the country as well as some English-speaking Italian students for four weeks. For details on the school experience, see the CIMBA Program section.

The rest of the pictures are from my travels around Europe during the weekends and on long afternoons. I made a conscious effort to filter out all the poor photos and stick with the ones I thought worth sharing, so here goes.

Asolo (June 26 - July 24) Bassano Del Grappa (July 15)
CIMBA Program (June 26 - July 24) Marostica (July 15)
Asolo Living (June 26 - July 24) Prague (July 17-18)
Venice (June 29, July 12, 16) Rome (July 25)
Lake Como (July 2-3) Pompeii (July 26)
Cinque Terre (July 4-5) Brindisi & Ferry (July 26)
Verona (July 6, 19) Corfu (July 27-28)
Budapest (July 10-11) Santorini (July 29-30)
Vicenza (July 12) Athens (July 31)

Disclaimer: Hi-color or true color is best for viewing pictures.
The hard copy photos are much better.