Courtesy of 3DFlags.comAsolo, Italy (Celebrations)

Asolo, Italy

Living in Asolo

The living arrangements are pretty nice also. Most of the students stay right on the school grounds ("the castle") in dorms. Some of us requested and got apartments in town. The housing and meal plan come as part of the package, so the only expenses we incur are the weekend travel expenses, personal shopping, and the plane ticket to Italy.

The meal plan is awesome. CIMBA separates the students into two groups. On alternating days of the week, one group would eat a catered meal at the castle where a chef comes in to cook "secundi piatti" (meats and vegetables) for us. The other group would go to a local restaurant to enjoy "primi piatti" (pastas and pizzas) prepared by Giovanni's crew. The next day, the two groups would swap.

Of course, there's plenty of opportunity for the students to socialize and get to know each other. It wouldn't be an international program otherwise. So this collection of photos is dedicated to the celebrations we had while living in Asolo and CIMBA.

Our first day in town, and we are already celebrating at the local coffee shop (Caffé Centrale) with a couple of birre grande. From left to right are Tony, Cheryl, me, Doug, Tom, Jeanette, and Carol (front).

Caffe Centrale

Our second day in town, and we are continuing to celebrate. (There seems to be a trend here!) Actually, this is during the welcome party the Sunday before school starts. It also happens to be my birthday. Here you see most of the ASU gang. From left to right are me, Doug, Cheryl, Carol, Jeanette, Kat, Tom, and Debi.

Welcome Party

It was a pretty lively party in the school's courtyard. There's an Italian band singing mostly American songs (very well I might add) at the left of the picture. The barbecue and wine kegs are at the right. This is still early on in the party since no one has started dancing yet.

Party on

Speaking of dancing, here Doug is doing the cha-cha with Gessica, CIMBA's receptionist who took such good care of us while we were there.


Darn, the party's winding down (all the wine's gone). It's time to move on to the bar. Here's me with Laurie, one of the students from West Virginia University, heading for Epoca to continue the festivities.

Moving on

Getting crazy with the crazy University of Oregon people around 1:30 AM at THE bar "Epoca". This place is cool; Bahjat, the owner doesn't close the bar until we are ready to leave. Actually, sometimes he'd talk us into staying. That's why we've nicknamed the bar "that evil place". From left to right we have Dawn, Kyle, Celeste (how'd you do that?!), and me.

Party on at Epoca

The "morning after" picture! AAAHHHHH! Actually, Celeste's just showing off her fake teeth and red eyes. I wonder why she decided to pack the teeth for a trip to Europe? Nevertheless, I thought it was hilarious.


Here's the ASU crew wine-tasting with the director of the school at the local wine bar Enoteca. Let's see who can spill a glass of red wine on the Director! (Yes, it actually happened, and the culprit shall remain nameless!) Clockwise from left we have me, Doug, Cheryl, Carol (hiding), Tom, Debi, Jeanette, and Al (our host).

Wine Tasting

Too much studying can stunt your growth! That's why we're out drinking with Giovanni at 3 AM. It's OK, that's Tom's wife mauling him.


Whew, the finals are over. It's time to celebrate! (When isn't it time to celebrate?) Here are mostly Kansas people. From left to right are Katie, Chris, Caver (hiding), me, Gessica, Andreas, and Justin.

CIMBA students

More post-final festivities. Here we have mostly Nebraska and West Virginia people. From left to right (top): me (hiding), Jay, Laurie, Stacey, Mike, Stephanie, (bottom) Flora, Erin, Justin, and Kat.

More CIMBA students

Here's the exclusive "Girls of CIMBA" shot. The calendar will be available by Christmas. From left to right, we have Stephanie, Flora, Erin, Caver, Katie, Amy (making the fish face), and Janice (showing off her tan). Andreas, what are you doing back there?

Girls of CIMBA

Stacey, Laurie, and Flora sharing a farewell hug. It's sad to see everyone go!