Courtesy of 3DFlags.comAsolo, Italy (CIMBA Program)

Asolo, Italy

The CIMBA Program

The Consortium International MBA (CIMBA) program is a educational institution consisting of students from 25 US schools as well as students from Italy. I attended this program as part of my MBA degree from Arizona State. (This was the best experience of my MBA career!)

Our study program consists of two 3-credit classes and runs for four weeks. There are two summer sessions, one in June and one in July, and I attended the July session. During the week, we attend daily classes from Tuesday morning through Friday lunchtime. Depending on the class schedules, we also get either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoon off to catch up on studies or to explore nearby towns. So that's two long days and two half-days of classes...

which leaves Friday afternoon until Tuesday morning to travel around Europe. As a matter of fact, the program encourages us to travel. We were told that we would get into trouble if the director catches us in town on the weekends. Aside from being encouraged to travel, this program makes traveling much easier for the students. Since we have a place to stay for a month, we don't have to haul around a huge pack to go on a weekend trip. That's a big plus when you have a month's worth of clothes with you, and you can pick a few out and travel with just a day-pack.

The decree posted on the door of the school. It reads:
1. It is summer time.
2. Italians sleep with their windows open.
3. When I return from the bar at 3.00 am, making too much noise, I wake them up.
4. Because I am speaking English, they call CIMBA.
5. The Director gets UPSET.
6. I do not want the Director to get upset.
I will be quiet coming back from the bar.

The Creed

Oooh...the view from the school's dining room. One of the things I miss most about Asolo is this view.

View from CIMBA dining room

This is the main courtyard of our school -- the 17th century monastery San Pietro in which the Benedictine monks lived until 1807. The upstairs rooms are dorms, exercise room, kitchen, and the dining/TV room. The classrooms are on the bottom floor along with the computer lab, offices, and library. There's a grassy area just to the left of and behind the picture. Small place, but it's very well suited for the school. The students just get up, eat breakfast, and go downstairs for class, spending the whole day without even putting on their shoes!

CIMBA courtyard

The computer lab -- home of many frustrated students trying to log into Yahoo to check their Email. Imagine a whole network of 25 computers sharing one 28.8 Kb modem! Doug seems pretty happy about something though.

CIMBA computer lab

On a clear day, you can see the mountains - the beginning of the Dolomites to the north of Asolo. This is the same awesome view from the dining room of the school.

View from CIMBA dining room

Dinner at Giovanni's! MMmm. Another thing I'll miss about Asolo. We get a catered meal at Giovanni's (actually the name of the place is Ristorante Cornaro, but everyone calls it Giovanni's) every other night. Here're Janice, Chris, Jodi, Amy, and Flora (mostly from Kansas University) waiting patiently for some of the best-tasting pizza anywhere.

Dinner at Giovanni's

Giovanni decided to take time out to sit with us for a photo. That's Caver (University of Oregon) in the foreground. In the back are Debi, Cheryl, Carol and Tom. Hey, whose arm is that on Giovanni?

Dinner at Giovanni's

The ASU gang posing at the CIMBA sign just outside the school. From left to right: Dr. Al Ringleb (director), Tom, me, Carol, Doug, CIMBA Sign, Debi, Kat, Cheryl, and Mike. Quick Debi, can you point out which school we are from?

ASU gang