Courtesy of 3DFlags.comLake Como (Lago di Como), Italy

Lake Como (Lago di Como), Italy

The lake district in northern Italy is well known for its gorgeous scenery. Located at the base of the alps between Milan and Switzerland, Lake Como is probably one of the most famous Italian lakes. Como is the shape of an inverted "Y" with the town of Como at the tip of one of its legs. The scenic town of Bellagio lies at the cross of the "Y" across from Tremezzo on the map above. Tall mountains and lush greenery line the banks of Lake Como, making it an ideal place to relax and unwind. No wonder they built a resort in Vegas modeled after Bellagio!

Here I am in the town of Como standing in front of the Villa Olmo, a historic mansion whose front yard has been turned into a public park. Directly in front of me is the lake shore.

Villa Olmo

Silhouette of a local fisherman during sunset on Lake Como.

Fisherman at sunset

This garden is part of Villa Serbelloni, a HUGE retreat in Bellagio owned by the Rockerfeller Foundation. Every year, they send scholars here to do research for six months "away from all distractions". How do I sign up for this deal?

Villa Serbelloni

Sail boats on Lake Como below the town of Bellagio.

Sailing in Bellagio

This is the 17th-century Villa Carlotta on the bank of Lake Como, directly to the west of Bellagio, and just south of Tremezzo. The garden surrounding this villa is world-famous for its rhododendrons and azaleas, especially during May when they all bloom. It's also somehow connected (didn't have time to investigate) with Antonio Canova's most famous sculpture "Psyche ranimee par le Baiser de L'Amour" of Psyche and Cupid before the Louvre got it.

Villa Carlotta
Cupid and Psyche