Courtesy of 3DFlags.comBrindisi, Italy

Brindisi, Italy

Brindisi is an Italian port town on the Adriatic Sea. It's where we hopped a boat to get to Greece. There's not much to do in Brindisi, but millions of backpackers come through here on their way to Greece or returning from Greece. We spent a couple of hours here while waiting for the ferry.

Last Italian dinner for a while. We are all looking forward to the Greek Islands though. Next stop: Corfu! That's me, Susan (a fellow traveler from Australia) and Doug sitting at a roadside café.

Last Dinner in Italy

"Am I in the first class section yet?" We went all out and got a cabin on the ferry so we can get some rest. The rest of the backpackers had to endure the deck and the salty moist ocean air.

Ferry Cabin

As I explore this boat, only one quote comes to mind. "There are 2,000 souls aboard this boat, and the life boats will hold only 700." Hmmm, better grab a seat first...