Courtesy of 3DFlags.comCorfu (Kerkyra), Greece

Corfu (Kerkyra), Greece

Corfu or Kerkyra, one of the Ionian Islands, lies off the northwest tip of Greece just below Albania. It's a major stop for ships that run between Italy and Greece. We got off the boat here to spend a few days on the beaches of Corfu. Corfu is one of the greenest Greek islands. There are hills lined with forests and olive groves, and beautiful rock formations. The main town and port on the island is Corfu town midway down the east coast of the island. Most of the sandy beaches are on the west coast, which is accessible by bus from Corfu town.

We wasted no time in finding the beach. As soon as we took care of lodging and travel plans, we caught the next bus to Glyfada beach. Glyfada is one of the nicest sand beaches on the island. The water felt nice and there are decent sized waves. Spent the whole afternoon lying on the sand, swimming, and sleeping. Ahhhhhh!

Glyfada Beach

The nightlife in Corfu town was pretty amazing. There was a parade through the main town square at 10:30 PM. The entire square fills up with locals and visitors alike sitting in the sidewalk cafés, enjoying a leisurely dinner, and watching even more locals and visitors wander around.

Nightlife in Corfu Town

We spent the next day in search of a nude beach. We were disappointed. My book said "Pelekas was a nude beach", I swear! Doug, why don't you go take a closer look. That's a nice beachfront resort though...

Pelekas Beach

Although we didn't go see this monastery (Vlacherna), it's one of the most famous sights in Corfu. I stole this photo from a postcard.


One more theft from a postcard (so sue me) of interesting rock formations at Peroulades on Corfu.


Time to hop to the next Greek isle. Here we are leaving Corfu and flying to Santorini.

Island hopping