Courtesy of 3DFlags.comMarostica, Italy

Marostica, Italy

Marostica is a magical little town next to Bassano del Grappa. It's known for cherries and scacchi (chess). Apparently hundreds of years ago, a tradition was established where the knights hold a chess tournament to determine who wins the hand of the prettiest girl in town. They hold the chess tournament on a life-sized chessboard in the main town square (Piazza Castello), and the town people dress up in traditional costumes and play the roles of the chess pieces. Unfortunately, they only play the chess game once every two years, and we weren't lucky enough to catch it.

Here's Cheryl posing on the steps of the castle in front of the chessboard. Note the castle at the top of the hill.

Piazza Castello

Me, playing a pawn on the chessboard in Piazza Castello.

Piazza Castello

The chessboard from the opposite angle. The castle is in the background.


Cheryl and I at the castle on the hill (Castello Superiore). Monte Grappa in the background.

Castello Superiore

A shot of the town from the castle on the hill. You can see Piazza Castello and the castle next to the chessboard.

Marostica view

There's me standing on one of the castle battlements.

Castello Superiore battlements

I said that Marostica is famous for cherries and chess, but we weren't lucky enough to catch either one in season. So, I got the next best thing: postcards! This is a picture of cherry blossoms and the castle on the hill. (Hmm, kinda reminds me of the Great Wall...)

Cherry trees

Here's the famous chess game (Partita a Scacchi) being played by the town folk. Can you image such an event? Must be way cool!

The chess game