European Summer '98

Welcome to my Europe '98 page. In the summer of 1998, we took a landmark trip to tour Europe. Thanks mostly to Byron for planting the seeds of this trip in my head a few years before that. Looking back, the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!

This page is my attempt at capturing our historic first trip to Europe. As you look through these photo-journal pages, you'll meet the seven of us who went on the trip, and see some pretty amazing places. Hopefully, these photos will convince you to take a(nother) trip to Europe in the near future. Enjoy!

London (June 19-23) Pisa (July 9)
Paris (June 23-25) Florence (July 9)
Versailles (June 26) Vatican City (July 8)
Nice (June 27-28) Füssen (July 10)
Monaco (June 29) Munich (July 10-11)
Venice (June 30) Bacharach (July 12-13)
Salzburg (June 30-July 2) Berlin (July 14)
Interlaken (July 4-6) Brussels (July 15)
Rome (July 7-8) Amsterdam (July 15-17)

Disclaimer: Hi-color or true color is best for viewing pictures.
The hard copy photos are much better.