Courtesy of 3DFlags.comFlorence (Firenze), Italy

Florence (Firenze), Italy

About another hour from Pisa is the town of Florence (Firenze), the birthplace of the renaissance movement in the 1500's. This town is home to many artists of the time including Michaelangelo. His most notable sculpture, David, as is in the Accademia Museum. We didn't get to see much else in Florence, but by that time we were all art'ed out so it was OK with us.

One regret was that we missed the Duomo and the Pontevecchio. Perhaps on the next trip...

The most famous statue in the world -- David by Michaelangelo. This statue rests in the Accademia Museum. The incredible likeliness of the statue and its grandiose size hits you immediately. He's about 10-ft tall.

Statue of David