Courtesy of 3DFlags.comMonte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco, a tiny independent country sandwiched between France and Italy on the Mediterranean coast, is not much more than a city -- the municipality of Monte Carlo. There are many tiny city-states in Europe including Luxembourg, Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino, and Vatican City, but Monaco is probably the most resort-like of the lot. It truly is the playground of the rich and famous. I don't know how many times we saw expensive convertibles hauling expensive tall blondes cruising down the streets. Although, we were able to find the biggest and cheapest bottle of Coke anywhere in Europe here in a tiny sandwich shop in an alley.

The casino in Monte Carlo, probably its best-known landmark, looked pretty impressive on the outside, although we couldn't afford the cover charge to see the interior. So we ended up betting a few francs at the little slot room for the "riff-raff" near the entrance. 'Course Scott scores 100 francs on his first try! Well, at least that bought us dinner in Nice that night...

Here we are on the terrace of Monte Carlo's Palais Princier. I can only surmise that's Monte Carlo the mountain in the background with the mist-covered top. Man, is it HUMID here!

Monte Carlo

This photo is from the opposite angle, looking down on the Palais Princier from Le Jardin Exotique (100 m) on the hill. Not far from the spot where I took this photo is the Monte Carlo Tennis Club where Scott informed me many top players in the world go to train. For those of you who didn't go on the trip, the 100-m reference is something I'd have to explain in person...

Palais Princier

A nice yacht in the Monte Carlo Marina. This particular one, named "the Indiscretion", came all the way from New Jersey!

The Indiscretion