60 Hikes: Phoenix
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Known Errors in 60 Hikes: Phoenix
Well, nobody's perfect. During the course of printing and editing, some things inevitably fall through the cracks. Here's a list of known problems. If you see a mistake in content or format, please let me know so I can fix it for the next printing.

Second Edition Updates: Things change fast!
Hike #47 Tonto Narrows -- WARNING: As of early 2009, the trailhead for this hike is closed to public access due to recent conflicts between hikers and local ranchers. There are currently no established alternate access routes to Tonto Creek from the town of Gisela. Sorry!

Hike #22: Tom's Thumb -- As of early 2009, construction for a new trailhead has begun approximately 1/2 mile to the east on 130th St (instead of 126th St) south of Paraiso Dr. The trail to Tom's Thumb has been rerouted to the new trailhead. The good news is that you no longer need a high clearance vehicle, and the trail has been much improved to the point where it is now only a moderate hike without the need for route-finding. Although, the length of the hike has been extended to 4 miles roundtrip.

Hike #32: Picketpost Mountain -- As of early 2009, a new segment of the Arizona Trail has been constructed adjacent to the old Jeep road. The first 0.4 miles of this hike now follows the new Arizona Trail through Sonoran desert foothills. When the trail intersects a small dirt road near the base of Picketpost Mountain, turn left onto the dirt road to begin your ascent.

First Edition First Printing Errors:
Overview Map (inside back cover) -- SR 87 Beeline Highway is incorrectly labeled SR 88 and drawn with a segment of gravel road. The real SR 88 Apache Trail (located to the southeast) remains unlabeled and does not show a segment of gravel road as it should.

Page XII -- Tonto Narrows should have been listed under "1 to 3 miles." Butcher Jones Trail should have been listed under "4 to 6 miles."

Page XIV -- Pinnacle Peak Trail is mistakenly listed under "Best for Dogs" when that trail doesn't allow canines. The hike description on page 78 correctly identifies Pinnacle Peak's pooch policies.

Page 6 -- In the Directions box, the driving distance along Camelback Road from 44th St. to Invergordon St. should read 2.7 miles, not 3.5 miles.

Page 144 -- In the At-A-Glance box, the difficulty rating should read "moderate to the waterfall, very difficult to the Flatiron."