Courtesy of 3DFlags.comNew Millennium Celebration (Sevilla, Spain)

Seville (Sevilla), Spain

Welcoming the Millennium! Do you remember what you did?

We decided to celebrate this auspicious occasion in a cozy little restaurant instead of a huge plaza with millions of people. El Patio Sevillano is just the place to offer us a wonderful dinner and a flamenco show, followed by the New Year's celebration and dancing. With the noted exception of an Italian family, most of the people here were locals, which added another degree of authenticity to our evening.

Scott, or as the Spanish called him -- Señor Escott Dijmon, made the reservation for us at the visitor's center, and we were treated to a lively evening of dinner, fine Rioja wine, plenty of dancing and champagne.

One Spanish tradition -- the Cotillón -- deserves some explanation. In the last 12 seconds of the year, everyone eats 12 grapes for good luck. We had all heard of this beforehand and tried to strategize on how to accomplish this daring feat. June tried to swallow them all, and almost ended up choking! I tried to chew them, but no one told me they weren't seedless! Anyway, we managed to wash them down with plenty of champagne!

Another note about flamenco dancing. It's a beautiful display of costumes and skill. Lots of clapping, tapping, and festive atmosphere, all set to sensuous Spanish guitar music. The after dinner show was amazing. Bizet's Carmen capped off an incredible frenzy of passionate dances. After the New Year rolled by, everyone started dancing on stage, including the flamenco dancers in the show.

Below are some photos from the evening's festivities. I'll skip the detailed explanations and just say that it was the best New Year's Eve, a sentiment shared by all those present. Just one note: you can read the time display on the photographs to follow the night's events. Enjoy!

Dinner at El Patio Sevillano.


Flamenco dancing show. Awesome costumes.


A scene from Bizet's Carmen.


The bow at the end.


The tools of our celebration! Notice the packages of Cotillón grapes.

Party favors

Party moves in to high gear. Note the time on the photo (Dec. 31st, 23:57)

Near midnight

Happy New Year! Happy New Millennium! (Jan. 1st, 00:01)

Happy New Year

A big swig of champagne at 00:02, Jan. 1, 2000!


Cheers! 00:05.


Dancing on stage.

Dancing on stage

Err... No comment!

Dancing on stage

Shaking it.

Dancing on stage

Cha cha cha!

Dancing on stage

Winding down... Michelle looks tired. 01:37.

Happy New Year

Walking back to our place along the river on the first morning of the new millennium.

Walking home