Courtesy of 3DFlags.comMalaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain

Málaga is a large city on the Mediterranean coast. We arrived on the same day from Granada via Bobadilla. An interesting story is that we found out that we needed reservations for the second leg of the trip (from Bobadilla to Málaga), and we had exactly 7 minutes to buy the reservations and change trains. We relied on Scott's Spanish (he was the only one in our group who has had some Spanish in school), and he came through with about 5 seconds to spare! The train ride took us through some really beautiful mountain ranges.

Our hotel was really nice. There were balconies where we could look out to the sea. We went out for tapas that evening. Tapas is a great Spanish tradition! They are essentially appetizers, usually made from seafood such as octopus, caviar, squid and crab meat, and every bar will have them. Delicious! Although I couldn't convince Scott that seafood can be good.

Another food item I loved is Málaga flavored gelato (Italian ice cream). It has a rich rum raisin taste and awesome texture. I also found out that every place has a little different variation of the Spanish tortilla, but they were all tasty! June and Michelle were addicted to churros and chocolate sauce by now. We also ran into Matt, an exchange student who hung out with us the next day and served as our translator. (This dude was really tall!)

In the morning, we took a taxi to the top of the hill above Málaga and toured the Castillo de Gibralfaro, a Moorish stronghold complete with battlements, dungeons, and even a garden in the middle. Here I am playing soldier in one of the guard shacks.

Guard shack in Castillo de Gibralfaro

Sun!! We see our first glimpse of sun light since we've been in Spain. Here's a shot of me at the castle with the town of Málaga and its coast line in the background.

The coastline

Matt, Michelle, me and Scott playing on the Moorish castle walls.

Cool walls of Castillo de Gibralfaro

June, me and Michelle with Málaga behind us.

City view

A view of the garden in the middle of the castle.

Garden in Castillo de Gibralfaro

Well kept walkways inside the castle.

Interior of Castillo de Gibralfaro

In a small museum in the castle, Scott seems to be threatened by this well armed soldier.

Museum of arms

On the walk down from the castle, we found the Alcazaba (a lower castle built in the 9th century) to be closed for renovations. Bummer! But I was able to get this postcard quality photo of the Málaga bullfighting arena.

Bullfighting arena

We found out that Pablo Picasso was born in Málaga in 1881. This is Plaza de la Merced, his birthplace. His small apartment is located directly behind the tall obelisk. A large copy of Picasso's "Guernica" (a famous painting depicting the horrors of war) is prominently displayed in the train station.

Picasso's birthplace

Hey, there's a "Cheers" bar in Málaga!


No visit to an European town would be complete without a trip to its largest church, the Catedral. This is a picture of another amazing guilded chapel inside.

Guilded altar in the Catedral