Courtesy of 3DFlags.comWilson Mountain (7,122 ft), Sedona, Arizona

Wilson Mountain (7,122 ft), Sedona, Arizona

Wilson Mountain is located in Sedona, a town known for its majestic red rock scenery and for being a "vortex" (whatever that means to the thousands of new age pilgrims that flock there every year). We just like it because it's a nice hike in beautiful Oak Creek Canyon. Often, we use Wilson as a warm-up for the Grand Canyon hike every year. Other times, we go to see the changing of the leaves in late October, something us Phoenicians don't get to see very often.

The main trail up Wilson starts next to Midgely Bridge, 2 miles north of Sedona on scenic Route 89A. The trail climbs 2,300 feet in 5.5 miles, and offers some of the best panoramic views of the Oak Creek Area. In May, wildflowers dot the landscape, and in October, the turning leaves make the hike even more spectacular! The mountain is named after Richard Wilson who was killed there by a grizzly in 1885.

Below are some photos from various trips we've taken to Wilson Mountain in the past.

This is an awesome panoramic shot! From the angles, I'd say this is somewhere about half way along the Wilson Canyon Trail. I'm checking out Mitten Ridge across Oak Creek Canyon.

Panorama of Mitten Ridge

A view of Midgely Bridge at the start of the hike.

Midgely Bridge

Dave, Annette, me, and Ed checking out the scenery in Oak Creek Canyon.

Near the trailhead

A typical autumn scene along Wilson Canyon Trail. The golden oak leaves contrast with the dark evergreens to make a striking setting for our hike.

Autumn leaves

Red Rock country as seen from the trail.

Red rock country

Me, Annette, and Dave nestled in the woods on Wilson Mountain.

In the woods

My friend Rachel against a backdrop of turning leaves.

Rachel at Wilson

Jen and her friend (whose name I promptly forgot, sorry!) at the top of Wilson Mountain. It's lunch time!

Lunch at the top of Wilson

Whew! Robert, put your shoes back on!


A group photo set against the panoramic view of the Sedona area. Clockwise from top left, we have Jen, me, Shelley, Cheryl, Robert, Jill, Carol, and Jen's friend.

Group photo at top of Wilson