Courtesy of 3DFlags.comSixth Annual Grand Canyon Hike (2001)

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Sixth annual Grand Canyon hike -- May 12, 2001. The fully commercialized Grand Hike continues. Once again, we had a large turn out, mostly due to the success from the previous year. Thirty people showed for the trip, and nineteen went for the entire hike. We had to pull the hike ahead due to some other commitments, and ran into ASU graduation and Mother's Day weekend. Otherwise we would have had even more folks. Maybe next year, we'll top 30...

This year also marks the return of Robert to the hiking ranks, and the addition of my family to the camping ranks. I also focused more on taking some better photos of the trip in order to document it better. We couldn't have asked for a better day. It was sunny and warm with a gentle breeze on the way down. At the bottom, it clouded over and drizzled on the way up. Perfect!

The group photo at the start of the hike. Unfortunately with such a large group, this is the only time when we can get everyone together. As it was, we are missing one person from the photo. Again, I can't recognize everyone, but here's an attempt. Glenn's friend #1, my brother Shaung, Glenn's friend #2, Cheryl, Patty, Danielle, Doug #1, Doug #2, Kevin, Matt, Bill, Marty, Scott, Ed, Robert, and Jennifer. Me and Mandar are crouching in front. Ashish was missing from this shot.

Group photo

Blooming cacti and the tight switchbacks of the South Kaibab Trail.

Cacti in bloom

Alpen glow! The pointy rock is well lit by the afternoon sun while the rest of the scene is covered in shade. The Colorado was a nice turquoise color this year, and you can make out the two bridges that span the river, one directly over the water, the other off to the left. The actual photo was much better, and the scene was even more impressive than the photo.

Colorado River

A gorgeous shot of some blooming prickly pears and a century plant stalk with the canyon in the background. This was taken about a mile away from Indian Garden.

Scenic view

A little waterfall in the stream next to the trail. This stream is a life saver. It snakes along the Bright Angel trail (off and on) from the River all the way up to Indian Garden. On hot days, we soak our shirts in the water to stay cool along the hike.


More desert blooms and cottonwoods along the trail. This is just a few minutes below Indian Garden. This year, we had a lot of rain in the winter, and it seems like the whole canyon was in bloom!

Blooms and cottonwoods

Hmm, this is a new sign! It wasn't here last year. How true! For the most part, hikers and rangers in the Canyon take great care of the surroundings (compared to some other trails I've hiked).

Interesting sign

Sunset over the North Rim, with ominous clouds hanging in the air. This was taken as we were very near the top.


Victory at last! Marty and Ed raise their arms in victory as we reach the arch at the end of the Bright Angel Trail. They look almost too tired to raise their arms above their heads.

Victory pose

Ah, the sweet taste of victory after the hike! Here we are celebrating at the BBQ. From left to right we have Bill, Cassandra, Christina, my nephew Carter, and Daniel.

BBQ shot #1

Jennifer, Matt, and Kevin have a good time at the BBQ.

BBQ shot #2

Danielle, Doug, and Cheryl.

BBQ shot #3

Andrea, Scott, Annie-Karine, and Robert enjoy some beers. Scott and Annie-Karine would be married in exactly two weeks from when this photo was taken. Congratulations!

BBQ shot #4

A family photo the next day. Me, mom, Shaung and Jana, with little Carter in front.

Family photo

A great photo of my mom along the Rim Trail near Yavapai Point.


"Hey little boy, come closer and feed me!" The squirrel coaxes my nephew Carter into sharing some of his granola bar.

Carter and squirrel