Courtesy of 3DFlags.comFifth Annual Grand Canyon Hike (2000)

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Fifth annual Grand Canyon hike -- June 3, 2000. After having done this for a good number of years, I started fully commercializing the experience. This was the first year that we went all out with a planned, community trip. Thirty people all together participated in the festivities. Seventeen of us hiked the whole trail, while some others did smaller hikes. Still others went rock climbing, biking, or just sightseeing. A great success over all.

We have been doing the hike on Memorial Day weekend for a few years, but this time, we had to push it back to the first weekend in June due to the fact that many of us just graduated from the ASU MBA program. (Yeay!)

Unfortunately, it was also the hottest trip I can remember. The temperature was 15 degrees above normal for this time of year, and we saw 110 at the bottom. Besides the first year when it was hot and humid, this was the most grueling hike of them all.

It was also the first year that Robert has missed the hike due to illness. Now he's gotta go once on his own to catch up with me...

Oh deer! There's a deer running loose in the canyon. Actually, it's a fairly common sight, but I was never able to get a close shot. This was taken across from the bus stop before we embarked on the hike.

Oh deer

Group photo of the hikers at the top of the South Kaibab trailhead. Seventeen of us did the entire hike that day, a couple of them are missing from the photo. It's hard for me to pick out who all the folks are, but here's an attempt. We have Ashish, Bob, Glenn, Patty, Doug, Bill, Jill, Jim, Debbie, Rachel, Mandar, 2 unrecognizable faces, and Mark.

Group photo at start of hike

Debbie playing around at Ooh-Aah Point. Yes, that is actually the name of this spot because everyone stops here to Ooh and Aah.

Ooh-Aah Point

The pack on the move below Cedar Ridge. A giant blooming century plant displays its stalk of yellow flowers beside the smooth trail.

Century plant

A great view of the mighty Colorado River from the South Kaibab Trail. You can also see the green oasis of Phantom Ranch where we usually take lunch.

River view

Blister check! Debbie and Jill take care of their feet and cool off in Bright Angel Stream.

Blister check

Bill shows us the epitomy of Canyon hiking head fashion. Gotta give him credit, there's plenty of shade for the face.

Great gear

Here's Rachel resting and elevating her feet about half way between the river and Indian Garden.

Elevate your feet

Yours truly resting next to the trees of life. These are the only shade trees in a long stretch of up-hill climbing. I think that's Debbie in the background.

Trees of life

We are now nearly out of the canyon. Here's a shot of the alpen glow effect where distant hills are lit up by the setting sun, contrasting with the shady foreground.

It was unfortunate that I ran out of film at this time. I had hoped to get some photos of the group back at the campsite having a great BBQ.

Alpen glow