Courtesy of 3DFlags.comThird Annual Grand Canyon Hike (1998)

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Third annual hike -- Memorial Day Weekend (May 23, 1998). We got much smarter this time. Moving the hike up to May, we found the perfect time for it, not too hot (relatively speaking) at the bottom, and not too cold at the top where we camp out.

Recruitment suffered slightly due to the fact that Byron and Russ are now living in Germany! Well as it turns out, we were going to join them a few weeks later. On this hike we had six people again, the two additions are the other Scott and John.

The group photo at Cedar Ridge. We have Scott, Michelle, Scott, me and Robert. John was the photographer.

Group photo at Cedar Ridge

The gang on the move. This shot was taken near the bottom. Scott seems to be saying "is this it? I thought you said this was a tough hike."

On the move

Another group photo in front of the tunnel at the bottom. The tunnel is directly behind Scott and on the other side of the tunnel is the first bridge over the Colorado River. For all intents and purposes, this IS the bottom. This time, John makes it into the group picture. From left to right, we have me, John, Michelle, Scott, and Robert.

The tunnel

Resting in a shady nook beside the trail. This shot was taken near the base of the last steep ascent, past Indian Garden.

Resting along the trail

On the way up to the top, somewhere near the 1.5 mile rest house, Robert shares some of his trail mix with a friendly squirrel. Actually, he was trying to impress the girls by befriending the rodent.

Robert and rodent

Cool shot where we were lit by the reflection of the sun's rays off the rocks. We are getting closer to the top.

We're glowing!

The arch picture. This time, we found the right arch! Robert was too tired to get into the picture, so we decided to get his head.

The arch

One of many dire warnings posted all over the canyon. We make a point to take a picture of these warnings.

Don't fall in!